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Bethel Maintenance adheres to all OSHA Regulations, ANSI I-14, ASTM A-120 and ANSI Z-359 Safety Standards.  We train all our staff on each of these regulations shortly after employment.  They are highly trained and certified in safety, compliance and risk management. We accomplish this through continuous education and safety follow-ups on work performed by our technicians in the field.  We are committed to keeping our staff safe and ensuring our client’s residential and commercial properties are treated with the best quality service.


We strongly believe in promoting a work environment focusing on safety and compliance.  We adhere to surpassing the minimum requirements for suspended work and fall protection, as noted below:


OSHA regulations and ANSI standards require suitable fall protection and suspended maintenance equipment on all buildings. Listed below are just a few of the specifics addressed within these standards. Complying with these standards will reduce the liability and risks to the building owners, property management and the service companies working on their properties.

OSHA and/or ANSI I 14.1 require independent suspension line and safety line anchorages as a minimum wherever building facades must be maintained.

OSHA and/or ANSI I 14.1 also require the maintenance contractor to tie back any portable suspension equipment that they might bring to the roof.

OSHA and/or ANSI I 14.1 require anchorages to be capable of supporting 5000 pounds ultimate load.

OSHA and/or ANSI I 14.1 require fall protection or suitable anchorages any place workers are exposed to fall hazards of 4 feet or more. Parapets of less than 42 inches in height require fall protection.

ANSI I 14.1 requires that anchor spacing should not exceed 12 feet.

We keep our staff busy with the following training certifications, and OSHA topic training and safety achievements:


  • OSHA 10 Certificates.

  • General Fall Protection Safety

  • Aerial Boom Lifts

  • Transportable Power Platform Systems

  • Permeant Power Platform Systems

  • Rope Descent Systems (RDS)

  • Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint Systems

  • Fall Protection Equipment Usage

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