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Office Cleaning

We know what often happens.  You hire a cleaning company to provide all-inclusive cleaning services.  They are great for a week or two, and then they start forgetting the little things, like a few trash cans or they skip an office.  Not Bethel.  Once we start a job, you are guaranteed the same service every day.  All the trash cans, all the offices, all the floors, all those dirty kitchens.  We guarantee our work, and we take pride in transforming your office every day into something your clients will admire. 

No office is too big or small.  In addition to trash, we will:


• Wipe down and clean all window sills, shelves, and desks

• High traffic surfaces such as door handles, hand rails, and counter tops

• Fingerprints and smudges on glass

• Carpets and rugs will be vacuumed

• High surface dusting

• Hard surface floors will be dusted and mopped

• Stainless steel will be cleaned and polished

• Exterior cleaning of stoves, refrigerators, and ovens

• Microwaves are cleaned

• Entrance doors will be rid of all fingerprints and smudges


Those are just our standard services.  Wait until you see additional services we can do.  Your office must be clean or staff will get sick or worse.  Let us handle all your office cleaning needs.​

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