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The 10 Steps Everyone Should Do to Clean and Declutter Your Home!

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Welcome to Bethel’s new blog page! We are all about residential and commercial cleaning services. With that in mind, our blog will discuss tips and info about cleaning your home or business the right way. Our first blog discusses spring-cleaning and decluttering. We welcome your comments, insight, and suggestions.

While it may be the middle of winter where you live, the spring ritual of house cleaning is right around the corner. We compiled 10 tips to make spring-cleaning last through summer and fall. Follow these tips to make cleaning more effective:

1. Consider getting rid of items you haven’t used. Haven’t worn that coat in a year or used that 2nd vacuum in ages? As a rule, consider throwing out or donating items that have stayed hidden or hung in your closet for more than a year. Chances are, you won’t miss them.

2. Start from the top down. Giving the whole room a thorough cleaning? Start from the ceiling down to dust and clean. Why clean the floor first if your ceiling fan is going to drop more dust on it?

3. Change the air conditioning filters now. Filters accumulate dust and impact your ability to cool a room efficiently. While you are spring-cleaning, remember that summer is around the corner. Change all the filters and write the date they were changed right on the filters. Depending on the filter, they should be changed frequently.

4. Organize by Season. Closets and storage units should be organized by season. Winter is over, summer is approaching. Put the winter items towards the back. Bring the summer items towards the front of the storage area. That makes for easy access. Set up a routine for storing items by their season.

5. Watch for Rodents and Spiders. Brown spiders and rodents like dark, quiet corners. While cleaning, be aware of bugs, mice, and other unwelcome visitors. If you find evidence of a winter outbreak, call an exterminator now before it gets worse. Be careful cleaning what they leave behind.

6. Kitchen and Bathroom. Kitchens and bathrooms need attention too. Throw out expired food becoming a science experiment in the pantry. Clean stainless steel surfaces, shower stalls, cabinets, virtually any surface. Don’t be afraid; there’s a lot of germs in these places.

7. Move the Washer and Dryer and Clean Behind. During your cleaning marathon, don’t forget cleaning behind the washer and dryer. Lint traps, dryer vents—they all need attention. This can be a source of fire if you don’t.

8. Dust, Debris, Dirt in the Garage. Ok, we all hate cleaning the garage, but it is necessary. Do it right. Take everything out, spray down the floors, walls, and wash the windows. Winter is dirty, start your spring out clean and fresh.

9. Don’t Do It All In A Day. Most people dedicate a whole Saturday to spring-cleaning. There goes half a weekend. Instead, pick one chore, large or small, each day. Before you know it, you’ve touched on every task you wanted to do, and you didn’t wreck your weekend doing it.

10. Understand Cleaning Habits. So you are the cleanest person in the world. Chances are the people you share your home with aren’t. Have a meeting with those significant others and create a plan to keep clutter and cleaning under control. Baby steps each week are easier than a major undertaking each spring.

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