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Power and Window Washing, and Gutter Cleaning - Safety Considerations

Welcome to Blog Post # 4

We assure you, spring is coming quickly to D.C., Virginia and Maryland. It may not seem like it right now, but overnight, the weather will change. What are you left with after a rough winter? Grime, salt, dirty windows, leaf-clogged gutters? All of the above. Your first instinct is to march outside on the first warm day and declare war on the remnants of winter. Those subtle details that left your home shabby. But be careful. Some things are better left for the professionals, such as Bethel Facilities and Property Maintenance.

Power Washing cleans quickly and effectively, and gets the job done, but have you ever considered why? A pressure washer is nearly 50 times stronger than your average garden hose. It can cut through many different materials, including heavy-duty boots. What happens if you lose control of the hose? You may end up with a hefty hospital bill. So if you are not used to power washing, trouble can occur.

· You may not realize this, but electric shock is also a possibility. Most power washers have up to 30 feet of power cable. If water gets into an old cable, the chance of electric shock or electrical fire increases.

· Power washing can also ruin some surfaces and rip aluminum and other materials off. It is so powerful that it can remove paint.

· If this is not enough, how about skin infections? If you have a cut or burn, mix your skin with power wash chemicals and the outcome will not be favorable. It could mean more time in the doctor’s office.

Most people use their power washers only a few times a year. It is easy to forget basic safety tips. That’s why we recommend leaving this work to the professionals at Bethel Facilities and Property Maintenance. Our fees are reasonable and competitive, and one of our professionals in the D.C. and Maryland corridor will come to your home and power wash the exterior for you. Save your weekends for the beach and let us take away the remnants of winter grime and dirt.

Window washing is a similar experience. Too much pressure will literally break a window, or cause significant damage. It can also force water into your rooms where mold and water damage can occur. A small amount of pressure can cause more damage than hiring a professional. We know you want to look out over your Maryland and D.C. cherry blossoms in full bloom without seeing the dirt. Let the professionals at Bethel Facilities and Property Maintenance take over the chore of window washing while we’re there. Our professionals know the right pressure for cleaning those second story windows. Leave those concerns for our team.

Finally yet importantly, let’s review gutter cleaning and the work Bethel can do. The most significant danger is your ladder. Accidents with faulty, unstable ladders cause numerous injuries and deaths every year. If you are handling a power washer or a hose in one hand, you have one hand left to handle the ladder. The probability of falling just increased.

How about contact with electrical wiring? You know the higher you go, the greater the potential dangers are. Electrocution on an aluminum ladder in contact with wiring is an ever-present fear. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way. Bethel can clean out those gutters quickly and inexpensively. Don’t risk your life over left over spoils from winter. Let a professional handle these tasks and focus on weekend fun instead.

Bethel Facilities and Property Maintenance is here for you. Contact us and schedule these tasks and more!

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