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Getting Ready for Back to School: Organizing Office and Study Room Areas

The end of summer is near! Kiss the kids goodbye as they go back to school. You may think your job is done, but actually, your work is just beginning. Most parents are left with a house that shows the impact of kids with three months of freedom. With fall approaching, how do you get your house back in order?

Here is the cold, hard, fact: Every room in the house can use some back-to-school organization. Families go through a lot of routine changes in the summer. At best, each room has a story to tell and a disorganized mess to deal with.

Here are some tips to look for in organizing when back to school hits:

Office: Chances are, your own office took a beating during the summer. Take the time to review the room. In terms of a suitable office space:

· Toss office items you haven’t touched in a year, AKA the “one-year rule.”

· Wash the windows and clean gutters now.

· July and August is a great time to buy office supplies, office furniture, etc. Take the time to rebuild your office supplies and focus attention on how to make your space more accessible and usable. Printer cartridges are expensive, but they are cheaper during the back to school period.

· Add calendars and other family organizers to identify upcoming events in your office. With school back in session, you are going to need reminding of school events.

· Consider adding a refrigerator or Keurig coffee maker on those nights when hours in the office seem a reality.

Study Rooms: Start with the worst scenario first, which is usually the kid’s study areas. Make sure to go through and clean the kid’s entire room. In addition to that,

· Steam clean the carpet, and wash the hardwood floors. For hardwood floors, consider putting a new finish or stain on the wood before fall.

· Organize the specific area where kids will study to make it more inviting.

· Add items that are decorative and induce fun study time.

· Put study items together, like pencils and erasers, in cups or zippered bags

· Clean and power wash the windows outside the study area.

· Organize space to meet the room requirements. Make everything at arm’s height for children to reach, thus avoiding injury from climbing.

· Speaking of organization, don’t forget books. Make them easily accessible on a proper shelf.

· Organize school papers into folders or other storage options.

· Label, label, label, to find things better. Sticky notes are good too.

· Don’t make the study room too inviting. Kids need time outdoors. Schedule fresh air time each night. That means, you leave your office environment too.

Remember, Bethel Facilities and Property Management is here for you. We can do the power washing and gutter cleaning. We can provide advice on room organization. We can haul off items your study no longer needs. And we can deep clean the carpets and hardwood floors to make study rooms more inviting. Contact us now to schedule an appointment, or answer your questions.

Welcome to back to school time! Now, get organizing and back to work!

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