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Having the Right Cleaning Crew & Realtors and Property Managers – A Wining Combination for Owners

There are more challenges with property management than most people think. When you are looking to rent or buy, you usually see the best aspects of a property. Realtors want to make sure clients are happy, and so they must make the property look as appealing as possible. This is not always easy.

In the Virginia/Maryland/D.C. corridor, there are thousands of unique places for rent or sale. Many of these properties can be older, with residual charm. Realtors and property managers may initially inherit a bevy of problems, including the following:

Property Restoration. Not everyone leaves on amicable terms. A property manager is often tasked with salvaging a rental that is literally trashed. Old furniture, mold, debris, carpet stains, and general misuse make the property an eyesore. With so many properties for rent, a property manager has limited time to transform the property into its former gorgeous self. That’s where Bethel Facilities and Property Maintenance comes in. We can take over and do the dirty work necessary to rent that property at a great value.

Move-Out Cleaning. Even if the property isn’t a total wreck, there is always deep cleaning that needs to be done during a transition from one renter to another. Bethel Maintenance can bring our qualified team and provide a thorough cleaning, including bathrooms, kitchens, carpet cleaning, wood trim, windows, bedrooms, and anything that stands out and shouts: Dirty! Do you have the time to do that? It is doubtful. Let us take over. You can try out Bethel Maintenance for a one-time property cleaning, or let us take over all your properties and make them spotless. You deserve a fast turnaround, and we can provide that. Bethel Maintenance is here for you.

Minor Repairs. Do you ever encounter those small, minor issues that require repair? Door knobs that don’t turn? Leaky shower stalls? Carpet repair? Contact Bethel Maintenance for a quick estimate and even quicker service. We can bring in our experienced team for much less than hiring a maintenance man to do the same work!

Exterior Problems. Picture this: a prospective renter or buyer walks up to your property, takes one look at it, and turns and runs in terror! The exterior is even more important than the interior. It is the first thing that sells a property. If the exterior looks bad, chances are they won’t stay around to see the interior. Bethel Facilities and Property Maintenance will work wonders to make your place a castle! Power washing, window, siding and concrete cleaning, and other recommendations will make your place a quick sell. Let Bethel Maintenance take charge and transform your property.

Lots of chores can make the difference between selling and renting a property today versus next month. Bethel Facilities and Property Maintenance wants to take over all of these tasks quickly and effectively. We service Maryland/ Washington D.C./ Virginia and we are prepared to take over all your tasks. Take advantage of our specials and hire us for all of your property needs. An empty property loses money. A quick turnaround with minimal effort is the key to success and making money fast. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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