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School’s Out! Now, Mom Needs a Cleaning Break

No matter how much your kids love school, it’s celebration time when the school bell rings for the last time and the kids are home for an entire summer. At first, it’s like the Alice Cooper song, “School’s Out for Summer.” Then it becomes “I’m bored.” Your home survived well during the school year because the kids were mostly home on the weekends. Now, it’s full time kids spilling things, leaving messes all over the house, and forcing you to clean full time.

Bethel Facilities and Property Maintenance LLC wants to help you enjoy your summer and stop cleaning so much. Besides active kids taking their toll, there are additional challenges that make summer a cleaning challenge. Here are some of them:

1. Mold and Mildew. We all love those hot summer days and nights. But it brings mold and mildew problems and humidity. This plays havoc on wet towels from the beach or pool. If you don’t hang or wash your towels and bathing suits, that hideous smell of mold can set in quickly.

Hang your towels to dry outside instead of throwing them in a hamper. The same things goes for anything else that gets wet. You can clean them with vinegar or other eco-friendly cleaning products.

2. The Washing Machine. Despite your best efforts, the washing machine, which is meant to make everything clean and fresh again, can take a beating during the summer. If you notice your clothes coming with unrecognizable odors, maybe you should concentrate on cleaning the washer. Run an empty load with a detergent on a hot water setting. That should eliminate any odors. If it still smells less than lovely, repeat the process.

3. Pests. Summer is the peak season for unwanted pests to attack your home. With kids coming in and out and windows open with only a screen between you and the outdoors, unwanted pests will come in like guests who overstay their welcome. Keep on the lookout for ants, mosquitoes, spiders, termites, wasps and bees. Ants will be difficult to remove if they get through the door, and you definitely don’t want spiders or mosquitoes setting up shop. Use as many natural remedies as possible to remove pests. Summer turns into fall, and if bugs are not removed, they may be settled in for colder weather.

4. More Kids More Mess. In terms of simple math, more kids at home more often means the messes will mount up. Spilled milk, soda, and food crumbs means that pests have a virtual smorgasbord waiting for them. No one wants to spend all their time cleaning, but make sure that all dropped food ends up in the trash. It may also be wise to spray the inside of your trash cans whenever possible.

5. Get Help! No one wants to spend the summer cleaning. Let Bethel Facilities and Property Maintenance LLC set up a weekly routine to clean your home for you! We are a licensed residential cleaning company that can take the worries out of cleaning. Our service areas include the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Contact us and we will set up a regular schedule to help you keep on top of your cleaning challenges this summer!

Do you have tips of your own on tackling summer? Share them here. We welcome your recommendations!

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