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Summer’s Nearly Over? Top 10 Tips for Cleaning Preparations for Cooler Weather

We can’t ignore the fact that summer is in full swing but there is a tinge of fall in the air. What does that mean in terms of cleaning? Bethel Facilities and Property Management LLC has these tips to help you start thinking of fall even before the leaves start falling.

1. Deep Clean Your Pantry. Pantries are full of food and kids can be messy. Cereal may have fallen behind other food or in back corners. Spiders may have taken up residence. Ants may be unwanted guests hanging out in your corners. Deep cleaning will help you find and remove problems before cooler weather hits.

2. Wash Your Windows. It is a much easier task to wash windows during the summer than in the cold. Summer is tough on windows. Blowing dirt, sand, and numerous storms can smear and damage windows. Give them a thorough wash before early fall.

3. Clean Out Your Gutters. The real challenge of gutters is in the fall when leaves drop and clog everything. Give your gutters a fighting chance for fall by cleaning them early. You will probably have to do it several times in the fall, but start out clean.

4. Repair and Maintain Your Roof. This should go without saying, but roofs do take a beating in the summer. Storms bring hail, downpours, wind, and other problems for your roof. Catch these problems early in the summer before ice and snow does a number in the winter.

5. Prep Your Heavier Linens. Unless you have your air conditioning set low, you don’t tend to use wool blankets and other heavier linens during the summer. Get them out and check for bugs before fall. Give them a fresh wash if necessary. Sprinkle your mattress with baking soda. This will prepare you for a cozy football season snuggling under your heavier blankets.

6. Fertilize Your Lawn. If you fertilize your lawn in the fall, this will prepare it for the harsh days of winter. If you live in a hot, dry climate, this is particularly important, since your lawn will not grow much under these conditions. This will help it survive the fall and be lush by spring.

7. Invest in a Carpet Cleaning Service. Late summer is a great time to invest in a carpet cleaning service that will give your carpet new life. Summer is tough on carpets. Fall and winter are worse. Get a head start.

Bethel Facilities and Property Management can help you with all of these tasks so you can enjoy what’s left of your summer. Our educated, qualified, friendly team has an extended service area that includes Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia. Don’t risk injury by cleaning your gutters on a rickety ladder or cleaning your carpet. We can help you with all of these tasks. Give us a call so we can tell you more and schedule a regular visit.

Do you have tips of your own on tackling winter’s worst stains? Share them here. We welcome your recommendations!

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